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Gaara (formerly)
Rock Lee (formerly)

Naruto Uzumaki is one of the main male protagonists of KHS, he is a student from Konoha Gakuen and was Sasuke Uchiha's best friend. He is also Hinata Hyuuga's boyfriend. He is under the tutelage of Jiraya.


As a kid, Naruto was already Sasuke's best friend. One night, when Sasuke was at Naruto's house, they were arguing about which toy they used. In order to stop the discussion, Naruto's father, Minato, told Naruto to be gentle with Sasuke, or else Sasuke wouldn't want to come to his house again. Minato then offers Naruto the family's necklace, telling him he should take great care of it.

Kushina dies when Naruto was younger, leaving Minato in charge of the boy. Later on, Minato dies too, leaving Naruto in the hands of his godfather Jiraiya


Naruto bears a striking resemblance to his father, having the same blue eyes and spiky blond hair. However, his greatest physical characteristic is his whisker marks. Most of times, he wears the Konoha Gakuen uniform, which consists of a white shirt and black pants. He is also shown to wear a black cloak over his uniform, and sometimes uses a black headband with a orange swirl image on it. During summer, his clothes are constantly changing, yet he incorporates a crystal-made necklace which used to belong to his deceased father until the Hyuuga Company arc.


According to Kakashi, Naruto is a very stupid teenager. He often doesn't study long enough for exams, saying it is the best way to control his studies. He is very forgetful, as he forgot that he had an exam in chapter 7. He is also oblivious, as he, although liking Hinata, doesn't understand her feelings for most of the series. He's got also a lot of nerve, making him extremely hyperactive and impulsive. The only times he looses it are when he is extremely embarrased. He is also resilient, he is shown to never give up on his objectives until he reaches them, a quality Hinata admires greatly.


Sasuke UchihaEdit

Naruto and Sasuke are best friends since their early childhood. In a flashback, they were seen fighting over
File:User104229 pic224016 1252181996.jpg
toys, meaning they were best friends since a very early age. Naruto values his friendship with Sasuke a lot, and has called himself his best friend more than once. Sasuke often calls Naruto "dobe", which makes him angry and he responds with "teme".

Hinata HyuugaEdit

File:KHS Chap6 second part Cover by Damleg.jpg
Hinata is Naruto's love interest during the series, and eventually became his girlfriend and make the major secondary couple of the series. At first, Hinata was too shy to even talk to him, but thanks to Ino's "date" at the mall in chapter 2, they started enojying each others' company. After going through a lot of funny, romantic and tragic situations, Naruto and Hinata finally confess their love to each other at the Art Exhibition arc and kiss.


Naruto is under Jiraiya's tutelage since his parents died, and he's his only known relative alive. They have a good relationship and care for each other, as Jiraiya prooved when he stopped him from finishing off Neji. When often Jiraiya comments on a woman's beauty, Naruto gets angry and attacks him, specially when that woman is Hinata, as in chapter 4.

Sakura HarunoEdit

Naruto and Sakura attend the same class, reason why he admits to know her at Ino's "date" at the mall in chapter 2. They develop a good friendship and become very good friends. On chapter 5, Naruto seems to be very interested in Sakura's opinion over him, but it actually was because he wanted to know if what Sasuke had told him was true.


Naruto and Sai have been good friends since some time, both being two of the most popular boys in the school. Sai is shown to often tease Naruto with his penis jokes, which make him feel embarrased, yet everybody else laughs, mostly due to Naruto's reaction.

Ino YamanakaEdit

File:KHS Chap4 pag 7 by Damleg.jpg

Naruto and Ino have been friends for an unknown time, probably due to the fact that she was Sai's girlfriend.Ino is often seen playfully joking about Naruto and Hinata's relationship before they declared their love to each other, as seen in chapter 4.

Neji HyuugaEdit

Initially, Neji dislikes Naruto so much to the point of hating him, due to his "rebellious attitude", but later it was discovered to be because of the history of the Uzumaki and Hyuuga families. Neji and Naruto fight in chapter 3 and Naruto wins against all odds, and tells Neji that he won't stop seeing Hinata no matter what he does. Later, Neji and Naruto fight again, and Naruto is about to kill him when Jiraiya and Hiashi interrupt. After Neji learns the truth, he returns Naruto his family necklace now fixed and apologized, and with this they become friends.


Preparing for the examsEdit

The first time Naruto spoke, he said that studying two days for the final exams, he would have everything under control. Kakashi replied that he should say under zero, just like Naruto's grades. A joke that Naruto didn't like at all.

He is then seen, after the school day was over, talking to Sasuke, saying he had all the girls he wanted, yet he didn't even give them a chance. Sasuke replied asking Naruto since when he was an expert on girls, then asked him if he was hiding something. A question to which Naruto answered no. Sai then paged him, arranging a group date between Naruto, Sasuke, Sai, Ino and two of her friends. Naruto then tells Sasuke the "pretty boy" would meet someone that day. Cutting off Sasuke's line of thought, he gets hit.

Naruto goes with Sasuke to the date at the mall, arriving late due to wasting time in a videogame shop. Ino's two friends are revealed to be Sakura and Hinata , and then the group starts talking about the exams. Naruto interrupts the topic, saying another one would be more interesting. Sai then asks Naruto for how long his penis didn't have a party. Naruto angrily replied that it was privacy. Ino then starts talking about the advantages of being 17. Sakura agrees, saying that before their parents were always embarrasing them. Sasuke then replies that her way of thinking is annoying, Naruto then shouts at Sasuke asking how he could say something like that. Ino then tries to calm down the spirits, saying they should order something to eat. Sakura says that they can start the orders while she goes to the bathroom. Naruto then stares at Sasuke thinking he was an idiot. After a while, Hinata notes that Sakura was taking a long time. Sasuke says he has to leave and asks Naruto to pay his bill. Naruto asks Sasuke to wait, but to no avail, and then wonders what Sasuke wants to do. After waiting a bit, Ino states that she is worried about Sakura, while Hinata says that they should go and look for her, Naruto recieves a message from Sasuke, saying he was with Sakura taking her home. Naruto gives the news to the people, who are surprised to hear this. The group then decides to leave, Hinata says she will go home by herself, but Naruto replies it wasn't a good idea and walks her home.

File:Hinata's words.jpg

While walking Hinata home, Naruto talks about his "inability" to give up, Hinata then says no one gets to see that part of him and tells him he was more capable than most of people at school. Naruto asks her why does she think this. She answers that, whenever he fails, he tries again, never loosing faith and putting all his effort into it, even if it takes time. She says she believes in him, and that he will achieve all of his goals. Naruto thanks her for her words, saying no one ever told him those things, and says he likes people like her.

The next day, Naruto stays in the classroom studying History, not understanding the theme, he states he should ask Hinata. Sasuke arrives and takes Naruto's book, asking him since when does he study in his free time. Naruto tries to tease Sasuke, saying that while he hanged around with his fans, the "new Naruto" prepared himself for the exams. Sasuke just replies he sees the same idiot as always, then he asks about what happened between Naruto and Hinata the night before. Naruto blushes fiercely, stating that she is only helping him with his studies. In an attempt of teasing Sasuke once again, Naruto replies that Sasuke left in such a hurry he that didn't pay his bill, just when Sakura disappeared. Sasuke asks what is Naruto trying to say. Naruto makes the arguement deadly serious, asking Sasuke what was he planning and saying they were best friends and he didn't do this kind of things. Sasuke stays cool and asks why would he plan something. Naruto replies asking why Sasuke is only interested in Sakura now, saying that, because of what "that girl" did to him, it didn't mean they were all like that. Naruto finishes saying Sakura has been in their class for a long time. Sasuke replies saying that that was a long time ago and that it had nothing to do with the present. Naruto then says that since that time Sasuke had become egocentric, not caring about anyone else. Naruto continued to sermon Sasuke saying Sakura seemed a nice girl and that he shouldn't play with her like this.Sasuke ends the conversation returning the book to Naruto and stating he didn't want his sermons and he wasn't playing with her. Naruto gets surprised. Sasuke gets out of the room and picks something from the ground, Naruto notes that it is the jacket Sasuke wore at the mall. Sasuke then leaves, telling Naruto he needed to fix something.

Naruto is then seen looking for Hinata, when he finds her, he stumbles and falls on her lap. Hinata asks if he is all right. Naruto tries to respond but he is thrown to the floor by Neji. Hinata asks Neji why is he doing this, to which Neji aswers that she isn't worth of being a Hyuuga. Neji states that Hinata shouldn't be "messing up with a rebel like Naruto" and that Naruto would only give her problems, and his surname cursed him.
File:Sasuke's confession.jpg
Naruto gets up and yells at Neji, saying that before talking about "his" Hinata or his family he should wash his mouth. Naruto says then that Neji shouldn't mess with the other people's lives, and asks if he is special. He continued to talk, stating that after he beat Neji, the latter would see reason, and that Hinata would be his. This statement made Hinata blush fiercely while Lee said that had high sexual suggestion. Naruto gets in a fight with Neji, barely winning it, proving he was serious about Hinata. He falls into Sasuke's arms. After he recovered, he teased Neji, only to be heard by Principal Tsunade. He gets punished, and when he is leaving with Iruka, Sasuke confesses his feelings towards Sakura in front of the whole school. This was rather surprising for Naruto.

The school ended, and everyone passed the exams. Naruto passed them because of his hours of study with Hinata. He is shown to hug her when he saw his grade.

Summer VacationsEdit

At some point during the summer, Naruto is shown to sleep only when the fan and the air condicioner are on. Naruto claims its sound helps him sleep. Jiraya tells him he is weird and notes that he is wearing the family's necklace. Naruto says it keeps the memories fresh. Jiaraya then tells Naruto he is different. Naruto tells it is because of Hinata, that has been out of the city for a month. Jiraya then remembers her, and talking about her inappropriate ways, gets hit by a can thrown by Naruto, saying "it's not just that" and ordered him to not even think about looking at her. Jiraya gets surprised by Naruto's reaction. Naruto is paged, and gets delighted with the person he is talking with.
Naruto then appears at the pool, talking with Ino. Naruto asks her about Sai. She responds that Sai is working on his art exhibition. Ino changes the subject to Hinata, Ino tells Naruto that Hinata appreciates him very much. Naruto asks Ino what is she trying to say. Ino just replies that he still haven't noticed. Hinata arrives, Naruto blushes seeing her in a swimsuit. He greets Hinata in an unusual way, without any nerve. Ino decides to step in, asking Naruto how many images have gone through his head. Naruto blushes even more and Hinata just yells Ino's name. Ino said it was just a joke, while Naruto and Hinata flushed fiercely, looking in opposite directions. Sasuke arrives, being stared by every girl in the pool.
Ino calls Sakura a lucky girl (for being Sasuke's girlfriend). Naruto just goes mad, not believing Ino is also one of Sasuke's fans. Naruto asks Sasuke about Sakura, he answers that she was supposed to meet him at the pool. Naruto invites the people to go into the pool, everyone but Sasuke accepts, saying he buy a drink. Naruto then finds Hinata wondering about something, he assumes that she can't swim, so he tells her not to say another word and come with him. When he is "teaching" her, she says she wants to tell him something. Naruto says he is listening her. Hinata didn't complete her sentence because Naruto was hit in the back of his head by a beach ball. Accidentally kissing her, Naruto tries to apologize, but Hinata just headbutts him on his forehead, leaving him "unconscious". When everyone is leaving Naruto is asked by Sakura about what happened to his forehead. He replied it was nothing to worry about. Naruto then asks everyone to hang out and eat ramen together, but everyone declines except for Hinata.

Later that day, Naruto talks to Sasuke, telling him he was lucky in having Sakura as a girlfriend. Naruto says he was really happy since they started dating. Sasuke only says Sakura makes him happy. Naruto says he wasn't that lucky, and he was waiting for that chance. Sasuke suggests Naruto to buy a pair of glasses, since he doesn't notice that Hinata likes him a lot. Naruto replies, saying that he and Hinata are just friends, and doesn't think Hinata has romantic thoughts about him. Sasuke calls Naruto a squared idiot and tells him to "try it". Naruto says he doesn't know. Sasuke then asks how could he be so wrong, and says Naruto, instead of being a squared idoit, is one to the tenth power. A commentary to wich Naruto asked Sasuke for not making him think stupid things. Naruto then notices Sasuke is looking across the street and asks where is he looking at. Sasuke replies that it was nothing.

After Naruto's date with Hinata, it started to rain very hard. Naruto asked Hinata to stop there and wait until the rain calmed down. Hinata agreed. The rain was hard enough for making the two all wet in just a couple of steps. Hinata approaches Naruto and tells him she had a great time, and thanked him for the invitation. Naruto blushes, and asks Hinata not to say like that. He then whispers that she looked cuted, but was far too embarrased for saying it out loud. Hinata says she didn't catch what Naruto said, he just says it was no problem. Naruto then tries to talk about what Hinata was going to say at the pool. Hinata says she didn't think he remembred that, Naruto asks Hinata to tell him. Hinata tells Naruto it was something Sakura had told her to do. Naruto then gets distracted, and asks Hinata what had Sakura told her about him. Naruto doesn't see Hinata's expression and continues to talk. He says he is interested in what Sakura told Hinata because he wanted to confirm something about what a friend of his told him. Hinata said it was not important anymore, since it had nothing to do with what Naruto was talking about and it made no sense now. Naruto questions about this, saying if it had to do with him, she might be wrong. Hinata then says she had to go and thanked Naruto for the great time they spent together.


Naruto tries to convince her to stay, saying she was misinterpreting. Naruto sees her crying, and notices he blew his chance. Naruto goes after her, taking a shortcut. He finds her, and when he was going to talk to her, he is pulled by someone, telling him not to involve her into this. The stranger then tells Naruto that his father killed Hinata's uncle. Naruto got shocked hearing this.

The next morning, Jiraya notices Naruto is up too early, he then notices Naruto had been beaten up and was crying. Jiraya asks Naruto if he didn't get in any trouble, and if he needed to see the doctor. Naruto just begs Jiraya to tell him his father is not a killer. Jiraya gets surprised by hearing this, and tells Naruto that is not the truth. Jiraya says he and Naruto are going to have a long talk, involving the truth between the Hyuuga and Uzumaki empires.

Art ExhibitionEdit

Naruto is then seen at the bus stop with Sasuke. He wass talking high of himself, talking about the stranger's attack at the date night with Hinata, saying the stranger ended up worse than him. Naruto told Sasuke, now he knew the truth, there wouldn't be anithing holding him back from being with Hinata. He said if Neji wanted to interfere, he'd have to battle Naruto again. Sasuke told Naruto to be careful, because Neji was clever. Naruto changed the subject, since the bus was taking too long. Naruto said he wanted to borrow Jiraya's car. Sasuke disagreed, since Naruto almost got them killed when he used it. Naruto replied he was "the owner of the track", just like "Fast and Furious", Sasuke just sighed. Naruto notices something in Sasuke's bag, he pulls it out. It is revealed to be a teddy bunny. Naruto said he didn't know that side of Sasuke, and gets hit as a result. Naruto despairs waiting for the bus, and cries out Hinata's name. Sasuke tells Naruto if he doesn't behave, he will annihilate him. Naruto starts to listen to music, and Sasuke says he has to leave.

Naruto arrives at the art exhibition, he starts to admire the paintings, saying he couldn't even draw a house. Naruto hears Kiba talking to Hinata, he goes to the room they are and hears Kiba telling Hinata to celebrate that "success". Naruto misinterprets this, and when approaches them he says he's sorry to interrupt. He asks Hinata if he can talk to her, with the permission of Kiba. Hinata says Naruto is misunderstanding, but Kiba shouts at him, saying Hinata doesn't want to talk to him because they are having a great time and tells him to get lost. Naruto enrages, yelling at Kiba, and asks him if he wants to see whose girl Hinata is. Kiba responds with a shout, telling Naruto to see who's better. Hinata begs them to stop fighting, and tries to tell something to Naruto. She is interrupted by the security officers, ordering Naruto and Kiba to leave. Kiba says the

File:Naruto Kisses Hinata.jpg

one who started was Naruto, and that he was only defending himself. Naruto tries to persuade the officers, but to no avail. He is kicked out of the exhibition. While Naruto is grumbling about Kiba, Hinata arrives. She asks Naruto if he is okay and says she's sorry about what happened with Kiba. Naruto replies that she shouldn't be there, and tells her to go back to the exhibit because Kiba should be waiting. She says Kiba was only her friend, but Naruto says he has nothing to do here. Naruto lowered himself, saying he was a rebel, always causing problems, and says he shouldn't hang out with people like Hinata. Hinata starts to cry, saying that's not true and says she can't avoid the feeling that Naruto is someone important in her life. Naruto tries to talk, but Hinata shouts at him, saying that she loves him with all her heart and it was her fault that their friendship was over. Naruto says it wasn't her fault, but their friendship was, indeed, over. Hinata tries to speak, but Naruto approaches her, and mentally tells her they want to be more than friends, and kisses her.

Hyuuga CompanyEdit

Naruto goes to Sasuke's house to pick him up in Jiraiya's car, then they go for Hinata and Sakura and go out for their double dates. He gets furious when Sasuke and Sakura can't stop arguing at the back of the car after what happened at the exhibit, and yells at them when Sasuke starts touching Sakura, which almost got them killed since he had left the driving seat.

However, they have to stop when they find Neji, Lee and Gaara on their way. Hinata tells him that they should go away, but Naruto says Neji would never leave them alone unless they finally confront him. He and Sasuke leave the car after asking the girls not to leave. Naruto tries to find a peaceful solution, but to no avail, since Neji starts fighting merciless. Naruto doesn't even defend himself, saying there was no reason for them to fight, yet Neji keeps fighting until he pushes Naruto and he fell on Hinata's arms, causing his family necklace to fall down and shatter into pieces. Naruto starts crying and remembers when he was younger and was fighting with Sasuke over a Dragon Ball toy. Minato, Naruto's father, interrupts the argument, stating that Sasuke wouldn't come over anymore if Naruto kept acting so childish. Jiraiya laughs at his apron and father attitude, stating that if Kushina could see him now, she would be very proud. Minato says he hopes he was doing the right thing, stating that he had to divide his time between work and his son to try and be a good father. Minato then decides to give Naruto the necklace, which had been passed through the family for generations. Naruto smiles and says that he would keep it forever, which makes Minato glad.

Remembering that, Naruto cries that he hadn't been able to keep his promise to keep the necklace forever, and then he snaps. He furiously attacks Neji with surprising speed and takes him down to the ground. Naruto starts beating up Neji to a point which makes everyone else fear his death, and not even Hinata's voice could reach Naruto. His final blow in stopped by Jiraiya, who arrived together with Hiashi after being contacted by Tenten. Jiraiya and Hiashi explain the truth behind Hizashi Hyuuga's death, and inform that now the Hyuuga and Uzumaki companies were now together, a single company, since that night, they had just signed the agreement. Neji starts to see his mistakes and takes Naruto's necklace, since he had already left.

File:KHS Chap 6b Page 16 English by Onihikage.jpg

Naruto is back at Hinata's home, and she was taking care of his bruises and injuries. He apologizes for how he had acted recently, but Hinata states that it was nothing to worry, that she would always be happy if he was happy, even if it was with another person. This makes Naruto hug her, stating that she was "too sweet", and he finally says that he loved her, which makes Hinata blush with happiness. He hugs her again, commenting on how cute she looked when she blushed, then they started making love.

Return to classEdit

Like everyone else, Naruto returns to Konoha Gakure as a student, for the last time as its his last year. Sakura comments that him and Neji were now friends, and it is shown how he returns to him the now fixed necklace, sealing their new friendship. On class, Naruto had forgotten completely about the test Kakashi had prepared for them, which he yells in front of everyone, making Sasuke sight in annoyance and Kakashi to look at him accusingly and telling him he was on his last year and was supposed to study hard. Naruto comments he was really creepy. Ino sights, and reveals that Naruto had forgotten about the test even through Hinata had warned him earlier.

After Kakashi's exam, Sai, Ino and Hinata were commenting on the test results, yet Naruto preferred to keep quiet, and with a dark aura around him asked his friends to stop talking about the exams. Later on this same chapter, Naruto is shown completely shocked when Sakura brings the news about Sasuke's marriage proposal together with Hinata and Ino. He was even more shocked when Sai suggested Sakura was pregnant, but she quickly denied all and explained it was because they truly loved each other.

The next time Naruto is shown, it was after Sasuke and Sakura's break up. Unlike Sakura, he couldn't control his temper, and he got into a really big fight with Sasuke after he abandoned him and his friends, but they were separated by Iruka and Kakashi. Thanks to Iruka convincing Tsunade, Sakura comments, Naruto didn't get kicked out of school.

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